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Ways of saving money on life insurance


We had a conversation with a loan company called Bingo Loans for some information on the best ways to save money on life insurance:

A life insurance plan can help you save money as you continue meeting your other needs from it. You can only save if you start by shopping around for different life insurance quotes. So many insurance companies provide various plans and different prices. Comparing them can help you save by choosing the one with the lowest rates.

It is possible for you to save money by choosing term life insurance. Though whole life insurance comes with cash value components, it is more expensive than term life insurance. The insurance policy may force you to save some cash, but you will spend a lot on paying premiums. Term insurance lets you buy cheap premiums so that you can invest the difference.

Do not take the cash value in whole life insurance as a traditional investment. As you make withdrawals from your insurance policy, you lower your death benefit. Taking more money than your total premiums from the cash value of the insurance policy makes the amount taxable. The problem with choosing whole life insurance is that you pay five times higher than the amount you spend on premiums in term life insurance.

Term life insurance, therefore, allows you to save due to low premiums. Renewing this insurance policy also increases your premiums. Purchase an extended term life insurance that can last for at least ten years for you to save. “No load’ insurance policies also come with fewer expenses compared to others. Low expenses mean that a significant percentage of the premium works in your favour making it easy for you to build cash value fast.

Though a lot of companies do not sell “no load” policies, you can buy them from a financial advisor who charges flat fees instead of getting commissions from an insurance company. Stay away from guaranteed issue policies if you are healthy. Though this does not require medical exams, they are costlier than other insurance policies.

People who choose this insurance policy have problems getting life insurance because of medical issues. The problem with the policy is that you pay high premiums making it difficult for you to save. Look at online life insurance quotes to compare prices of term life insurance. Choosing the lowest quote can help you save.

Taking care of your health also prevents you from incurring additional expenses. Health problems also make it difficult to purchase life insurance. Some life insurance companies pump up your rate if you have medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. They also have rates for nicotine users and smokers. This can make you incur high cost on life insurance since they ask for saliva and urine tests to check for nicotine content in your system. Avoiding drugs and improving your health can help you get a reasonable insurance policy.

Do not take a new insurance policy if you require more life insurance. If you change your needs, consider taking a rider which adds extra coverage to your needs. This helps you expand the coverage without affecting the cash value that you have already built in. Also, get life insurance soon when the premiums are still low. Life insurance becomes more expensive with age.